EPIC Interactive Visit Program

 The EPIC Interactive Visit Program

An interactive visit from Mohawk College’s Energy & Power Innovation Centre (EPIC) will help you identify opportunities for innovation in your company. When you sign up, you’ll get up to 20 hours of advice from our energy experts to identify and document your process inefficiencies, and identify opportunities to reduce or eliminate them.

This program is brought to you by Tech-Access Canada with support from the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP)

Photo researchers in a building's equipment room.

Are you eligible?

Do you have:

  •  A minimum of one full-time employee receiving a T4, but less than 500 employees;
  • Operations in Canada, with a CRA Business Number;
  • A demonstrated a desire to grow and generate profits.

What do you get?

  • Process Data Collection: Likely you already know where your big process inefficiencies and costs are. However, EPIC can install temporary, non-intrusive instrumentation and data logging equipment (e.g. water flow, temperature, electrical parameters) to better understand the deficiencies and impact. We will work with you to identify the most appropriate setup for this. 
  • Process Analysis: Based on the collected data, EPIC will discuss with you the information obtained, identifying potential areas of improved efficiency and/or waste reduction.
  • Long-Term Plan: Based on the collective analysis, EPIC will provide estimated ROI for the identified improvement areas. Also, we will include appropriate/cost-effective level of permanent monitoring capability for the system, alternatives to integrate to your existing system, and/or potential stand-alone automation alternatives and real-time visualization requirements. 


$2,500. Clients of NRC IRAP may be eligible to receive our services at a reduced cost. All companies will be required to cover a $250 admin fee and 6-8 hours of employee time dedicated to working with us.

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