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This form is required when requesting service with Mohawk Canvas LMS platform's. Once the request has been collected, information will be sent to and reviewed by the appropriate service department. Please allow up to 3 business days for a reply.

Please check other MyCanvas resources available to faculty.
MyCanvas FAQ
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Canvas community instructor guide
Growing With Canvas (Teacher Training Course)
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How can we assist?

Use this form to email Digital Skills Support for assistance with using MyCanvas, Office 365, and other questions about installing or using academic technology.

Get support right away either in-person, virtual drop-ins or by chat from Digital Skills Team.

Please do not submit the form from this page.

MyCanvas Cross-listing allows section enrollments from individual courses to be combined into one course. This feature is helpful for instructors who teach several sections of the same course and only want to manage course data in one location.

We recommend only cross-listing courses with the same name. In MyCanvas, cross-listing does not create a new course shell. Instead, the students are moved from one course into the other, and the name of the destination course will not change. For example, if you crosslist the students from Aircraft Maintenance into Aircraft Systems, then both groups of students will be in Aircraft Systems and the students who have moved will no longer see Aircraft Maintenance in their course list.

Cross-listing should be done while courses are unpublished. Coursework is retained with the course, not with the section enrollments, so if a published course is cross-listed, all cross-listed enrollments will lose any associated assignment submissions and grades.
If you are not the instructor of the course being requested for crosslisting, please include the email of the instructor for notification and contact purpose.
Download Xlist CSV Template
One file only.
25 MB limit.
Allowed types: xls, xlsx, csv.
This will be the course that holds all the Sections after Crosslisting.

***For Continuous Courses without a CRN, please use the CSV Upload option***
The section will be moved from the main course and back to its original course.  Note: If you un-cross-list a section that includes student grades, all grades will no longer be visible. If you need to retain student grades and put them in the original course, you should export the Gradebook and import it into the original course before un-cross-listing the section.
You do not need to include the Main Course CRN in the Section List.  Make sure when inputting the Courses to Cross-List into the main Course that they are typed in properly and avoid.
  • 12345-202235 (CRN-Term) - dashes
  • 202235.12345 (Term.CRN) - flipped input
  • 12345.202235, 23456.202235, and 34567.202235 - all listed in one line. 
Crosslisted Sections
This form is intended for Canvas LMS account requests (Staff / Interpreter / Vendor access / etc) accounts for Canvas LMS systems only.  The MyCanvas Guest account will be created locally with a Firstname-Lastname login.  Connect accounts will be using the requested email address as the login name.  Guest accounts will not have access to other College SSO services (MyMohawk, Campus Wireless, Mohawk Email).  
Canvas Platform
Please select what platform the user(s) will be created in
Staff Member or External Guest User
Single or Bulk User Request
Download Template

File Format - Import files must be in CSV/XLSX format.

  • user_id / login_id - (000123456) Staff format / (firstname-lastname) Guest format
  • email - Please provide users business email address
  • status - active
One file only.
25 MB limit.
Allowed types: csv, xls, xlsx.
Course Role Request
Requested Course Enrollment

This form is required when requesting a new application integration into Mohawk’s MyCanvas LMS platform. This completed form will be sent to the Academic Technology team for review to ensure that the offered services are not already in use by the College. Once the request has been approved, the collected information will be sent to and reviewed by IT Security. IT Security will complete a security audit to ensure that the application is secure and the data collected is in line with Mohawk’s privacy policies. If approved by IT Security, the LMS Admin will contact you to schedule a conversation to determine next steps. A copy of the completed form will be emailed to the requestor and their AD or Manager. 

Please note: If you are not a Mohawk College staff member your request will not be processed.  Requests may be denied if insufficient information is provided or if an existing application/services is already available through MyCanvas or at Mohawk College, there is no guarantee for approval of requested application. 

image of a horizontal BurgundyBarApplication / Vendor Information

Company / Application Contact (Sales Rep, CSM, Support)
What kind of data will be requested from this application. Example (Student email, student names, student id, course information, course content, grades)
Have you already purchased this software?
Product Licensing
IT Security Audit
Has an IT Security audit (TP-SAQ form) been completed already for this application. 

image of a horizontal BurgundyBarIntegration

What Canvas Environment will this application be installed into?
Application Install Location
When would the application need to be installed.
Who Will Support this Application?
Company provided setup documentation for Canvas (API / LTI)
Maximum 5 files.
25 MB limit.
Allowed types: txt, rtf, pdf, doc, docx, odt, ppt, pptx, odp, xls, xlsx, ods.
Sandbox or Blueprint
Course Offering Name and Course Code

Global announcements allow you to contact all or specific users within an account or subaccount using one message.  Global announcements are shown from all accounts associated with a user and display in the user's Dashboard.

Visual Guidelines 
In order to provide faster access to courses for Students and Faculty alike, standards surrounding the posting of Announcements must be instituted in MyCanvas.  These standards will ensure that there is consistent messaging of approved relevant content being posted, helping to unencumber access to course material.  This methodology has been reviewed and approved by CTLI as well as Communications and Marketing. 

  • Elimination of images 
  • Single line title indicating subject of announcement 
  • Maximum of 600 characters in the announcement body (approximately 100 words)  
  • Hyperlink to the flyer/announcements hosted on either MyMohawk or (or other approved source) 

Content Guidelines 
Current recommendations regarding acceptable content are as follows:  

  • Updates for students with academically relevant information – Course/schedule changes/updates, financial deadlines, bursary deadlines  
  • Updates for faculty regarding – Course/Schedule changes/updates 
  • Emergency updates – System outages, campus closures, pandemic guidelines, etc. 
  • Library updates that would impact students 
  • School/Program Area specific announcements to users in a specific sub-account/enrollment 
Type of Announcement
Show To
Upload announcement in doc(x) format only.  Keep in mind the visual guidelines before submitting.
One file only.
25 MB limit.
Allowed types: doc, docx.