Post a Leadership Opportunity

We strive to offer meaningful opportunities for students to get involved through professional development and leadership experiences within Mohawk and the surrounding community. We encourage you to submit opportunities where students can attend workshops or webinars, participate in professional development programs, or take on a leadership role.

At this time, we are accepting both remote and in-person opportunities. Keeping everyone safe during the COVID-19 pandemic is our priority, and we may choose to exclude in-person opportunities if the need arises. For the most recent updates, visit the COVID-19 on the Mohawk College website


To keep in line with Mohawk's institutional learning outcomes, all opportunities should allow for students to practice leadership in at least two of the following ways: 

  1. Sharing knowledge and skills with others to help them succeed, while utilizing knowledge, strengths and abilities of others to enrich the process, outcome and strength of the team.
  2. Working with others to clarify their team’s purpose and objectives and encouraging ideas from all participants.

  3. Working towards collaborative decision making and helping sort through potential outcomes to improve and identify the best course of action to accomplish a team goal.

  4. Adjusting leadership style appropriate to the situation and sensitivity of human differences, with the ability to resolve conflict and help others understand differing points of view/beliefs.

  5. Utilizing active listening and persuasion skills to assist others in understanding differing viewpoints, resolve conflict, solve problems, or foster positive change.

  6. Developing initiatives to achieve change in group culture and behaviour.

  7. Promoting positive health and wellness behaviours and supports and encourages others to develop active living skills and perseverance when working toward personal goals.

  8. Using appropriate persuasive, ethical and factual communications and resources to create awareness and assist other’s with making informed decisions about issues. 

  9. Promoting environmentally responsible citizenship.

Does your leadership or professional development opportunity meet the above criteria?

Unfortunately we are unable to promote your opportunity on our listing site. If you would like to discuss promoting your opportunity in another way, please email us at [at] (student[dot]life[at]mohawkcollege[dot]ca)