International Application Update Request

Applicants wishing to make update, change or modify their application after submitting through the OCAS –IAS system do not have the ability to request this information within the platform. In order to ensure your requests are captured please complete and submit the below form for review and consideration by admissions department.  Requests will be considered and applicants will receive formal notification via email or on their OCAS account once the request has been reviewed.

Please note this form is only for the new students. If you have been studying at Mohawk College, please use the Program Change Request Form in MyMohawk.

Please indicate your request or reason for updating your application (select all that apply):
Which personal information do you want to update?
Current Address
New Address
Please share any additional information that we should consider as part of your request

By completing this form I acknowledge that I have formally requested an update to my application.  I acknowledge that I am not guaranteed a program change until I are formally notified by Mohawk College. I understand that while my request is considered my current application may be processed and I am required to meet all timelines listed on the admissions documents. 

I declare that the above information is true and complete. I understand that any false information submitted in support of my application may invalidate my application and result in the withdrawal of my admission and/or registration to Mohawk College at any time during my enrolment and IRCC will be notified.