Lease FAQs

What’s a Lease? 

A lease is a legal agreement with landlord. There is a Standard Ontario lease agreement, and both you and the landlord must sign it. Make sure you understand everything in the lease before you sign it – it is a legally binding document. If you have questions about it, ask the landlord, or call the Hamilton Community Legal Clinic. Be aware of the length of your lease – 12 months, 8 months?

What's a Deposit?

A deposit is money given to the landlord to hold a rental unit for you. A landlord may only ask for up to one month’s rent in advance before you move in, and this is usually applied to your last month’s rent. Always get a receipt for the deposit. 

What’s included in Rent? 

Rent can include utilities (heat hydro, water, water heater, etc). Check your lease agreement to see what’s included in the base rent. If utilities aren’t included, remember you need to budget for those too, and payment will be your responsibility.