Program Delivery Information

How your program will be delivered

As leaders in virtual and remote education, we provide an exceptional learning experience, whether you are joining Mohawk for the first time or returning for another semester.

Programs will be delivered in one of two ways: 

  • Fully remote: all courses will be delivered in a fully remote and virtual environment. Students will not be required to attend in-person.  Lectures will have synchronous delivery, asynchronous delivery or a combination. 
  • In-person requirements: courses will be delivered by a combination of remote learning and some in-person requirements. One or more courses in the program will require students to attend in-person on campus, or attend an off-site placement. In-person requirements could include labs, assessments and accreditation assessments that cannot be replicated remotely.

Visit the Virtual and Remote Learning website for more details and see how to read your timetable.   If you have questions regarding placements or online delivery for a specific course please reach out to the contact listed on your program page. Use this search to find your program page

To learn about how Apprenticeship programs will be offered visit Ministry Funded Apprenticeship Training Dates.  To learn about how Continuing Education courses and programs will be offered visit Mohawk Continuing Education.

* If you are an International Student travelling to Canada you must have a full and valid study permit. You will be required to arrive on or before the dates listed on the pages below in the “International Travel Arrive By Date”. This is to assist students in completing their required 14 day quarantine ensuring that they will not miss any in-person classes or required assessments. Students in hybrid programs may not be permitted to arrive after this deadline. Please refer to the Entering Canada website for further information on your requirements to travel to Canada. If you are in a virtual delivery program these travel dates do not apply but remember, you still need to start your classes as indicated.

The plans and information on this page are based on current information and subject to change. Mohawk continues to take direction from Public Health authorities and will update the college community if any changes need to be made.

Note that with some exceptions, virtual and remote classes for the Spring/Summer 2021 semester will begin as planned on Monday, May 10, 2021 and continue for the duration of the semester.

The start dates and number of hours for on-campus requirements indicated in the program delivery chart below are subject to change based on COVID-19 restrictions in effect. Updated information will continue to be provided to you by your program area.