Transitioning to Canada: Essential Planning Series

Welcome to our Transitioning to Canada: Essential Planning Series recordings! 

This series is intended to help you think and learn about the essentials for your journey to Mohawk and your life in Canada. 

Please feel free to browse the videos below. We will be posting each webinar after we record them, so please keep checking back for more. 

Pre-Departure Webinar 

An overview of your journey to Canada. What you need to know before you arrive, your transition to life in Canada, and starting school at Mohawk! If you have questions about starting, this webinar is for you! 

Watch the Pre-Departure Webinar (1)

Watch the Pre-Departure Webinar (2)

Healthcare Webinar 

Everything you need to know about healthcare in Canada. Learn about the two types of health insurance plans that are provided to international students at Mohawk, as well as on-campus healthcare supports. 

Watch the Healthcare Webinar

Employment Webinar

Join our International Student Career Advisor and the Arrivals team as we explore employment in Canada. Learn about the research you need to do before you are employed in Canada, your rights as an employee, and how to avoid employment scams. 

Watch the Employment Webinar

Housing Webinar

A webinar about housing in the Hamilton area. We will review on-campus and off-campus accommodation options. Explore neighbourhoods, tenant rights, your responsibilities as a roommate, and general tips for your housing search.

Watch the Housing Webinar

Upcoming Webinar's

Tuesday, July 16th - Campus Compass: Guiding Your Journey at Mohawk Part 1

Wednesday, July 17th-Campus Compass: Guiding Your Journey at Mohawk Part 2

Wednesday, July 24th -Navigating Housing: On-Campus, Off-Campus, and Neighbourhood Insight

Thursday, July 25th-Navigating Employment: Research, Rights, and Avoiding Scams

Wednesday, July 31st- Healthcare in Canada: and MSA- What You Need to Know