Dean of Students Invited to Share the Story Behind the College Student Success Innovation Centre (CSSIC)

Mohawk College’s Tim Fricker, Dean of Students, leads the work of the College Student Success Innovation Centre (CSSIC), and was recently asked to share what led to the creation of Canada’s only research centre focused on student success in the Supporting Student Success blog.

Supporting Student Success is an international blog borne out of a multi-phase project led by Tricia Seifert which aims to uncover the factors that lead to effective student affairs programs.

In his article, Fricker details three foundational factors that helped launch the CSSIC: broad institutional support, strategic partnerships, and an opportunistic student affairs team.

Fricker concludes his article by attesting to the ethos of student success that informs the institutional culture of Mohawk College -- which is truly an institution that values student success in everything it does.

Read Fricker’s full article about the CSSIC’s inception.