11 Ways to be a Good Neighbour

Neighbours talking over a fence

Everyone wants to live in a supportive community with respectful neighbours. Follow the tips below on how to be a good neighbour, and get started today!

  1. Take your garbage & recycling out

    Yes—it IS time to take that throw out that rotting gingerbread house that has been on display in your apartment for far too long! Today is the day! Live in the now!

    Find out when Garbage & Recycling day is in your neighbourhood. Make sure your garbage & recycling goes out no later than 7am on pick up day. You can even rinse your recycling before putting it in the bin to avoid odors and pests. Do you need a recycling bin for your house? The City of Hamilton will provide you with one for FREE! Find out how to get yourself a blue bin
  2. Clean up your yard

    Ask your landlord if they are taking care of your yard, or if you are. And no matter who is cutting that lawn - keep your front porch clear of stuffed furniture or other debris, as they can attract pests.
  3. Be safe in your house

    Fires and break-ins and gas leaks—oh my! Be mindful of hazards and stay safe in your house. Have questions about fire prevention? Check out some home fire safety tips or take the fire safety program through the City of Hamilton. 
  4. Shovel your driveway…AND your sidewalk

    How do you become a good neighbour in the winter time? EASY! Shovel the snow off your driveway, steps, and your sidewalk. You can even shovel your neighbour’s driveway for extra credit! Want to go next level? Become a Hamilton City Snow Angel and shovel your way to glory!
  5. Park where you should park 

    Don’t waste your money on parking tickets. Ask your landlord if parking is included in your rent. If you are using street parking, pay attention to the parking signs. Here are some general parking rules:
    • No parking on lawns
    • No parking for more than 12 continuous hours on any street
    • Park 3 metres from any fire hydrants
    • Park 9 metres from any crosswalk or intersection

Check out the Hamilton City Parking Bylaws

  1. Respect noise limitations

    Whether you are listening to Drake on full blast, or hammering in the last nail on that “simple DIY project”—your neighbours can totally hear you.

    Be mindful of the noise you are making and respect the noise by-laws we have in place. Quick refresher: there is a 24-hour noise curfew in effect. For more information, check out the Hamilton City by-laws.

  2. Get together responsibly

    Have fun on your time off but be safe and respectful of your neighbours. Get some safe tips and disappointing calorie counts on your favourite drinks.

    Stay informed about private social gathering limits and how to protect yourself and others to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  3. Try your best to avoid those pests

    Cockroaches do NOT make good pets. No one really wants to hang out with cockroaches, mice or (worse) bed bugs. Most of these pests can be avoided if you know what to do, visit the City of Hamilton Pest Control website.
  4. Use your Mohawk College Resources

  5. Get to know your neighbours

    So it turns out, your neighbours can actually be cool people. Say hi, take a few minutes to chat–you might end up with a lifelong friend or maybe you won’t, but you’ll never know until you try.

    Either way–you should also be respectful or your neighbour’s property, by not taking shortcuts across their lawns or hanging out outside their houses.
  6. Offer a Helping Hand

    There are many ways to get involved on campus, and in your community. Check out Volunteer opportunities to find out how you can lend a helping hand!