A Student’s Perspective on Web Design

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With so many different career paths to choose and a variety of programs offered at Mohawk College it can be hard to decide which path to take. Rebecca Irvine, graduate of the Continuing Education Web Design and Development Certificate explains why she is happy with her decision to enrol in this particular program. 


Q: What prompted you to sign up for the Web Design and Development Certificate?

A: I was looking to make a change in my career path and had always been told I was good with computers. I knew this program would require that I use my creative side, and that is something I wanted to factor in when deciding upon a career. 

Q: What benefits did you find from taking the Web Design & Development courses in an accelerated delivery format?

A: I spent less time in the classroom but was able to learn the basic fundamentals of web design. I have spoken with web design companies and they find this program a benefit as they can build upon the skills I already have from the certificate program. 

Q: Which course did you enjoy the most and why?

A: I really enjoyed the Photoshop course. I already used Photoshop quite regularly, but I learned so much from that course that I am now able to do so much more with Photoshop than I could do before.

Q: How much knowledge of web design techniques did you have prior to enrolling?

A: I had a basic understanding of HTML and CSS from customizing profile layouts for social networking sites. I would find a layout I liked and then look at the code so I could alter it to change colours or pictures. 

Q: Have you used the skills you learned from this certificate program since graduating? If so how have you used them?

A: Yes I have. I am currently an intern with a great company where they put my skills to the test. It is a company that relies on a successful website and they’re currently working on rebuilding it. I’ve been able to help with this project and see exactly how a website is built from the ground up. 

Q: What is one piece of advice you would provide current/prospective students in the program?

A: Learn everything you possibly can. Use all the references the teachers provide as this career revolves around constantly learning new things. 

Join an Exciting Career in Web Design

If entering a career that is constantly changing and evolving sounds more exciting to you than one that stays stagnant and is the same every day then you may want to consider enrolling in the Web Design and Development Certificate through Continuing Education. With the majority of classes being offered in an accelerated 3 week delivery, students do not need to invest months of time to learn these new skills. Discover the courses you can take to either advance your current skills or pursue the full certificate by browsing the program page.