Grad brings spa services to you

Image removed.In the midst of completing the Nail Technician Certificate program, Stephanie Visser of Smithville, Ontario was formulating a business plan to open a mobile nail service .“I was looking for mobile nail services but couldn’t find any in my area,” she says. “That’s when I thought to myself this would be a great business to try.”

Stephanie graduated in 2016 and is currently operating her own business, Nailed It! Mobile Spa Service. Her business idea has been met with great success—bookings for Stephanie’s services are usually three weeks in advance. She’s also expanded the business to include providing services for birthday parties and group events, as well as offering children’s services

Completing the certificate program was no small feat for Stephanie, in fact, she says she almost didn’t finish the program. Certain mandatory courses were only offered during the day and Stephanie wasn’t able to attend these courses due to other commitments. Understanding that CE students balance competing life priorities, the college is able to provide  flexible study options. “They accommodated my schedule by offering the remaining courses in the evening,” she says. “This allowed me to finish the program and earn my certificate.”

Based in the Niagara Region, Stephanie says her services help people in the community, too. “I go directly to the client so the accessibility they may require is not an issue,” she says. “A client can have their nails done in the comfort of their own home.”

Stephanie never thought she would be an entrepreneur. “The Mohawk Continuing Education catalogue arrived in my mailbox one day and I found a program that really interested me,” she says. Today, Stephanie is the owner of a thriving business and couldn’t be happier with what she’s achieved for herself with her Mohawk College Certificate.