How I used the General Arts and Science program to discover my passion

Gabriel sitting outside

Gabriel Gonzalez
Third year Business Administration – Marketing student

When I graduated high school, like many of my classmates, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do for a career. I took a year off to work with the hopes that I would figure it out in that time. Well, a year passed and I still didn’t know what I wanted to do. All I knew was I wanted to complete some sort of post-secondary education. 

I started researching programs at a variety of universities and colleges, and that’s when I learned about the General Arts and Science program at Mohawk College.

What is the General Arts and Science program?

General Arts and Science gave me the opportunity to sample different areas of studies such as history, psychology, science, sociology and philosophy. A majority of my courses were electives, which meant I could tailor my education based on my interests and the direction I wanted to take in my educational journey.

I really appreciated the flexibility this program offered. It made me feel like I had limitless options. Which is why when I was considering pursuing my studies in business, it was reassuring that Business Administration has a common first semester with the marketing, accounting and human resources programs. In my first semester, I was able to sample a little bit of everything and make sure that the program I choose really reflected my interests.

I think this strategy really paid off for me. I am currently in the third and final year of the Business Administration - Marketing Advanced Diploma program, where I am doing my Co-op placement with the marketing department at the college.

Why someone would take a General Arts and Science program

It seemed like every person in my class had a different reason for taking the General Arts and Science program. Like myself, some were looking to explore their academic interests. Others had a clear pathway in mind and were using the program to upgrade their grades to gain admission to a competitive college or university program. And some of my classmates had been out of school for more than a decade and wanted to ease back into student life.

Regardless of the goal, faculty worked with individual students to help them achieve it. It was a welcoming environment filled with support and guidance. 

How to know if General Arts and Science is right for you

This program is great stepping stone to different pathways. It can help you find your academic interests and give you a sense of direction, help you upgrade your marks to get you into a competitive program or help you acclimate to the college workload and lifestyle. 

Personally, I don’t believe there’s only one type of person who would benefit from this program. I met so many different people of different ages with different goals that took their first steps with the General Arts and Science program.

As stated above, after I graduated I applied to the Business Administration Marketing program with Mohawk College. I’m so excited to start my career in marketing and I don’t think I would have discovered this passion if it weren’t for the General Arts and Science program I took first.

Visit the program page to learn more about the General Arts and Science programs!