How to plant a container garden

woman watering container garden outside

Brought to you by the Sustainability Office. 

Container gardens are a great option if you’re a renter, don’t have a backyard, or just want a low-risk way to build your confidence with growing food. Container gardens can go in any sunny spot, including on a balcony or even indoors under the right conditions. 

There are some unique things to consider when planting a container garden compared to planting in the ground, including what type of soil to use and how often to water. Just like in a garden bed, you can start your container garden by seed or begin with seedlings. 

In the below video, Ashley shows you how to plant and maintain a container garden using the examples of strawberries, lettuce, beans and herbs.


Ashley Packer is Mohawk College’s Sustainable Food Systems Coordinator. If you have questions about gardening or Mohawk’s local food programs, ashley.packer [at] (e-mail )ashley.packer [at] (Ashley).

Want to learn more? More gardening tips are available on Mohawk Sustainability’s YouTube channel.