Insight from a Career Consultant

a consultant helping a student

Looking for a job can be difficult no matter your skill set, education, or years of experience, but can be even more overwhelming for new job seekers. This is where Career Consultants can use their expertise to help job seekers combat the competition and find ways of gaining experience. Mohawk College, through Continuing Education, offers a part time Career Consultant Graduate Certificate program to allow students to pursue this career field without sacrificing their current daytime schedule. Deborah Schwientek, Manager, Employment and Training Services at the YWCA, explains how Career Consultants can help a variety of job seekers find the job or career they are looking for. 


Q: What services does the YWCA provide to job seekers?

A: The YWCA has a resource centre that provides computers and tools to assist clients throughout their job search. Employment Counsellors at the resource centre can help clients with their job search, cover letters, resumes, and job applications. 

Q: What are the most common trends affecting job seekers today? 

A: Trends change depending on who the job seeker is. We help clients searching for their first job, looking for a career change, and those who have criminal record check problems. One trend that is affecting most job seekers is how jobs tend to be mismatched with client skills. Right now many clients are overqualified for the job they are applying for but they need a job and are willing to take something that is below the skills they possess.

Q: How has job seeking changed over the years?

A: More jobs are being posted online than in the past with more tech-savvy employers and businesses. This leads to clients doing less networking and not seeking the hidden job market and hitting the pavement to make connections. 

Q: Is there a common characteristic you find Career Consultants have that makes you successful in your role?

A: Empathy. Being able to empathize allows counsellors to become more vested in the outcome of their clients and want to see them succeed. People in this field often have strong soft skills that cannot be taught or trained. 

Q: What is the most common advice you provide job seekers?

A: Looking for a job is a full time job, do not give up, and do not just assign two hours to the search. 

Q: Any advice you provide to clients on how to make a smooth transition from one career to another?

A: Find a mentor in the career you want to switch to and learn from them on how they entered the field. Join as many networks as possible such as Innovation Factory, Chamber of Commerce, and job search clubs. If you’re thinking of becoming a Career Consultant I advise getting the schooling and designation because a designation will set you apart.

Thinking about a Career in Consulting?

The job market will forever be changing meaning there will be a lot of people on the search for assistance. If you’re thinking about a new career or you are trying to figure out your first career move you may want to consider helping others to do the same. The Continuing Education department offers the Career Consultant Graduate Certificate through in-class evening or online delivery methods. For more information and to apply for admission visit the program page or contact Continuing Education Business to speak to someone about registering.