One-of-a-kind Program Prepares Quality Engineering Technician Grad for Innovative Field

photo of Parth N. Jani

When Parth N. Jani arrived in Canada from India, he did so with a mechanical engineering background. Wanting to continue his education and to launch his career in the mechanical field, he enrolled at Mohawk College. The choice was simple: Mohawk is the only post-secondary institution in Canada to offer a Quality Engineering Technician - Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) diploma program.

“I thought quality engineering is such an amazing field because it has a vast scope after studying, such as aerospace, automotive, oil, and gas,” says Parth. “Even after completing college, we can learn new things every day in this field.”

At Mohawk, professionals from the Canadian Institute of Non-Destructive Evaluation (CINDE) — a not-for-profit organization offering professional membership and education for NDE (also known as Non-Destructive Testing or NDT) personnel — teach NDE technique courses. During their studies, students explore theoretical and practical onsite non-destructive inspection and testing techniques that enable the examination of parts, equipment, or materials without impairing their usefulness.

For an interdisciplinary approach, learners also interact with a department that includes Mechanical Engineering Technology and Aviation programs. This helps to prepare them for the various areas in which graduates can enjoy careers including: aviation and aerospace, power generation, oil and gas, construction, transportation, materials and metal casting, general manufacturing, and primary metals.

My career goal,” says Parth, “was that I need to practice whatever I learn during my studies.”

Parth and his NDE peers receive plenty of opportunities to turn theory into practical, hands-on application. State-of-the-art training on key equipment results in more than 300 hours of lab time. In these labs, aspiring techs are, for example, introduced to the welding processes and quality assurance techniques. Students also get to apply cumulative program knowledge through a capstone research project. To take NED learners into the real world, Mohawk facilitates industry interactions through valuable opportunities such as co-op placement.

“I had a one-year co-op with Burloak Technologies,” says Parth. “It was such a great experience to be in a work environment for the first time. It also helped me continue my work after finishing college.”

Burloak is a division of Samuel, Son & Co. — a metals processor, distributor and manufacturer of metal products. Burloak’s focus, specifically, is to bridge the gap between engineering design and the shop floor through additive manufacturing (commonly known as 3D printing). The division is trusted by the world’s leading aerospace and space companies.

While Parth started out as a quality inspector during his co-op, before moving onto the same role in a part-time contract position after graduation, he has already advanced his career. Since May, he’s taken on the full-time role of quality specialist, helping to ensure that Burloak remains a pioneer in the emerging technological field.

I’m thoroughly enjoying working with my co-workers,” says Parth. “It’s a very friendly and supportive atmosphere. I learned a lot of things during this job period and many more to come.”