Preparing for Open House

Mohawk student in front of the Fennell campus

Open House at Mohawk College is an incredible way to have some fun and learn about the programs and services Mohawk has to offer. The goal of Open House is to learn about programs, supports and financial assistance available at the college. To make the most out of Open House, it’s a great idea to come prepared with a list of questions that you know you want answered. So, what questions do you want answered at Open House?

Discover your programs 

If you’re not sure about what programs you might be interested in, that’s okay! There are tools available to help you get an idea of what could be a good fit for you. The Career Match Quiz can quickly point you towards programs that may align with your interest. If you’re looking for a more in-depth assessment, the Career Coach explores in depth your interests and abilities and helps you to discover programs and career paths that you may find the most fulfilling.

 Nursing students in lab Once you have an idea of programs or fields that may interest you, prepare some questions that you can ask faculty members who teach in those programs. Some good questions may include:

  1. What kind of skills can I gain from this program?
  1. Is there an experiential learning opportunity in this program?
  1. What kind of lab or workspaces are used in this program?
  1. How does this program prepare me to enter the workforce?
  1. What do I need to be prepared for this program?

Be sure to thoroughly review the information available for each program and include any questions you may have.

Explore your supports

Before you attend Open House, be sure to check out the services and supports available for students on our website. There are many different organizations such as the Learning Support Centre or the Health and Wellness Centre on campus, ready to help students.

If you think you might take advantage of any of these services, take note of which ones may be the most beneficial to you so you can visit them during the event, learn more about what they have to offer, and in some cases get the ball rolling so you already have supports set up when you become a student. Some universal questions you can ask about support services include:

  1. What can this support service do for me?
  1. How do I use this service if I need to?
  1. Who do I contact if I need help with this support service?
  1. What do I need to prepare to use this service? (Documents, create an account, etc.)
  1. What other related support services are available?

Be sure to navigate our website and explore all of the support services available at Mohawk College, so you have a good idea of which you may use and want to learn more about at Open House.

Research financial assistance

Apprenticeship student in labFinally, be sure to do research on the cost of tuition and textbooks for any program you’re interested in. This information can often be found on program pages. There are many scholarships, bursaries and awards available at Mohawk College as well as other Financial Services for students to take advantage of that can help offset the cost of education, and there are other options available to help pay for college expenses such as OSAP and student work.

The Financial Services team at Mohawk will be available at Open House to discuss options, and knowing what to ask and what you may pay could help you to find the right option for you. Nick Massi, Manager of the Financial Services team, has a few suggestions for questions students can ask to learn more about financial options:

  1. Who do I contact if I need help with my OSAP application?
  1. What is the deadline for submitting my awards application?
  1. What documents do I need to prepare when submitting my awards application?
  1. When can I apply for OSAP?
  1. What supports are available to students outside of OSAP?