School Crossing Guards

Crossing Guard

When I was in elementary school, I read many story books. I liked the books with the coloured pictures, especially the ones about schools, streets and gardens. The first time I saw a school crossing guard was in a story book. Since I came to Canada, I have been extremely curious to know more about them. Every newcomer in Canada sees the school crossing guards in the mornings and afternoons every day. Have you ever asked yourself whether being a school crossing guard is a job or volunteer work? Actually, my curiosity made me find answers to many questions in my head about them.

School crossing guards have a very significant duty in mornings and afternoons to school children. Their duty is to direct school children across the road safely, so children should obey the guard’s instructions and his or her whistle, too. If a child repeatedly disobeys the guard’s instructions, the school crossing guard obtains the child’s name and the school and reports to the school crossing office, which manages the school crossing guards. 

School crossing guards must carry a pencil and notepad with them at all times to write down any motorist violations, and report them to the school crossing office, which sends the violation report to the Hamilton Police Department. School crossing guards work under various conditions which affect the performance of their duties such as weather or roadway conditions.

The job of a school crossing guard is an important and visible component of Canadian community life. School crossing guards not only ensure that children cross streets safely, but also they help to regulate the adult driving behaviours. As a newcomer, the presence of school crossing guards makes me feel that the government takes care of children.


Nawal Salih

is from Sudan and she came to Canada with her husband and children in September 2015. In Sudan, she worked as a business administrator and an elementary school teacher. She is currently a student in the LINC program at Mohawk College. In the future, she plans to work as a volunteer in many places to get involved in Canadian life and to study and then work in business administration.