What Can I Do During Winter? By Carolina Ortiz

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For many people winter is a boring season; the low temperatures, the snow, and the dark sky, make people get depressed and they prefer staying at home rather than going outside. In my point of view, winter is a good season to enjoy different activities such as ice skating, tobogganing, playing with snowballs and making snowmen. Also, during winter we celebrate Christmas and New Year. As an immigrant, Christmas is an important celebration and a hard time as well because I used to celebrate Christmas with my family, cook a big dinner, dance, give presents and share projects for the next year. Unfortunately, they were the most difficult days when I arrived in Canada because I miss my family a lot, which is why my husband pushed me to go outside and enjoy a variety of activities around the Hamilton area instead of being melancholy. My family and I were surprised when we saw the different activities that Canadians do to celebrate Christmas, and we loved it.

We went to Toronto for the Santa parade. There, we saw bands, floats, dancers, athletes, and finally Santa Claus. In Ancaster, we enjoyed a concert, rides in a horse-drawn wagon, free hot chocolate, and we could take a picture with Santa. On New Year, we went to Niagara Falls to have fun; we saw the fireworks and sang Christmas songs. I remember singing, dancing and smiling most of the time and I learned that the cool temperature it is not an impediment to go outside and share with my family. Even though I miss my parents, my sisters, nephews, uncles, grandmother and my neighbours, I am ready to enjoy Christmas activities and I do not want to miss the opportunity to live Christmas time in a different way and try new things. This was my experience at Christmas time in Canada and I want to share with you this information because as an immigrant I know how difficult it can be. Go and look at these websites to get information about these events. Furthermore, I am sure you are going to live and enjoy different Christmas activities in “Canada your new home”.

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 Go and look at these websites to get information about events, places, and schedules:


Carolina Ortiz

Carolina arrived in Hamilton in May of 2016. She has been taking English classes at Mohawk since June 2017 now she is in LINC 6 Prep. Carolina is a Business Administrator from Colombia and her goal is to finish English class to continue her education at Mohawk. She loves singing, studying and spending time with her family.

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