Why the Equal Consideration Date matters

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Do you know what the equal consideration date is and why it's so important when you’re applying for college? We're here to break it down for you!  

Anyone who applies before or on the equal consideration date has the advantage of having their application looked at in the first round. If you apply after the equal consideration date, competitive programs could be filled. Available spots in open programs will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis. 

A program is considered competitive when we receive more applications than there are spots in the program. These programs fill very quickly, and usually, there are no available spots after the equal consideration date.  

Here's an example of how it works: 

Let's say you want to apply to a program and there are 10 seats available in that program. If 15 people apply before the equal consideration date, all those applications are looked at together to decide who will be given an offer of admission.  

Now imagine applying to this program and you meet or exceed all the program requirements, BUT you apply after the equal consideration date. There's a high probability that all the spots will be taken. Avoid disappointment, apply early! 

When are the equal consideration dates? 

  • For the fall semester, it's February 1. 
  • For the winter semester, it's June 1. 
  • And for the spring semester, it's October 1. 

Did you miss the equal consideration date for your desired intake? There may still be open spots in your desired program, but it's recommended to apply as soon as possible. If a program is still accepting applications, the program will be marked "Open" next to the starting semester on the Mohawk College website or the Ontario colleges website. 

In summary, you have a better chance of receiving an offer to your desired program by applying before the equal consideration date. 

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