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Urban Homesteading

Urban Homesteading

Mohawk Sustainability recently hosted a webinar featuring the owners of Sentimental Farm. Rob and Chris are homesteaders who live a self-sufficient lifestyle on their farm by growing their own organic vegetables, raising chickens and collecting eggs, preserving the food they make and creating...
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Tips for job searching online

By Hussam Eldib - International Student Career Advisor at Mohawk College Searching for a new job can be a challenging task. To help you succeed , we have compiled a few tips and practical steps you can take to be successful in your search (even in the middle of a pandemic ). S earch for Jobs Online...
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Tips for Online Study Groups

Studying is key to success in any program. While your style of study might differ depending on your program, it is important that you adopt and maintain good study habits. Have you ever tried forming a study group? A study group is when peers meet to discuss and help each other with a particular...