Tips for job searching online

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By Hussam Eldib - International Student Career Advisor at Mohawk College 

Searching for a new job can be a challenging task.  To help you succeed, we have compiled a few tips and practical steps you can take to be successful in your search (even in the middle of a pandemic).

Search for Jobs Online 

Searching online requires you to visit job search websites and hunt for a position that matches your expertise and education.  On these sites you can set up email alerts, search by industry and location, get salary advice and more.  Websites to consider exploring include:

Specialized job search sites: 

  • Career Ready is Mohawk College's portal where you can explore positions posted with Mohawk students/graduates in mind.      

  •  Charity Village is the largest online job search site for work in the non-profit sector.  

  • LinkedIn allows you to search for jobs that are associated with people in your network. 

  • Talent Egg focuses on co-op, early-career, entry-level, internships, student, and summer jobs. They also have great career resources for students and recent graduates. 

Top 3 job search sites in Canada: 

  • Indeed is Canada’s #1 job search site. 

  • Job Bank is operated by the Government of Canada. 

  • Neuvoo has a tax calculator that will give you an idea of how much tax will be deducted based on your wage. 

Large job search aggregator sites 

  • ZipRecruiter has innovative AI matching technology and is the #1 job search app in Canada. 

  • CareerBuilder has job matching and an AI resume builder that can be a great tool for students and graduates. 

  • Eluta lists more direct-employer jobs than any other search engine in Canada. 

  • Monster has introduced video job descriptions for insights into real jobs from hiring managers. 

With the current pandemic and limitations of job opportunities in some industries. Here are some job search websites dedicated to remote opportunities.  These jobs can involve programming and development, writing and translation, design and art, administrative and secretarial, sales and marketing, business and finance as well as engineering and architecture.

Remote Job Opportunities 

  • Remotive connects job seekers with remote jobs from reputable employers. 

  • Jobspresso connects individuals seeking remote careers with innovative companies. 100% of the jobs posted are hand-picked and manually reviewed for legitimacy. 

Freelancing Opportunities 

  • On Freelancer, you can bid on projects based on your skillset.  

  • is a freelancing website that offers projects in all sectors. 

Do your research 

In order to make proper career decisions, you will need to do your research. Labour Market Information can tell you: projected job openings and in-demand skills, salary information, education and training pathways, where jobs are located and their industries, and employment characteristics. 

Stay Positive

Searching for a job can be frustrating, but it is important to stay optimistic. Optimism is a key factor in career success and is needed before and during your job search. Being optimistic requires you to:

  • Believe in yourself: Be prepared to talk about your education, experience, skills/abilities, interests, values and goals 

  • Focus on the positive contributions you can offer: As a new graduate, you bring innovative ideas and new perspectives with the ability to utilize the latest technologies.  

  • Be flexible and open to new opportunities: Keep your eyes open. It is good to focus on goals but sometimes “the unexpected” can offer the best opportunity. 

Get Support

Looking for more information or some help getting started?  

There are lots of services available through Community Employment Services and Student and Graduate Employment Services. You can also check out the Career Ready Webinar series by Mohawk Alumni, or join the Future Ready Premium Program by earning a FREE micro-certificate while planning your career journey and get early exposure to employers, access to opportunities, and more.