Emergency Operations Centre Materials

Emergency Operations Centre Locations

The Primary Mohawk College Emergency Operations Centre will be located at the Fennell Campus. In situations where the Primary Emergency Operations Centre could be adversely affected by the emergency situation, several secondary Alternate Space Locations (ASLs) have been selected and pre-confirmed as available, as follows:

  1. President’s Boardroom, Fennell Campus
  2. A103 and A104, Stoney Creek Campus
  3. IAHS Boardroom and Meeting Rooms, McMaster University

If the impact of an incident prevents the use of these locations, pre-identified GTHA alternate site locations will be utilized.


Emergency Operations Centre Set-Up

EOC Components

  • Resources
    • EOCG Resource Boxes – Located in Photocopy Room Cabinet
    • Emergency Response Plan – Copies in each Resource Box
    • EOC Vests – Located in President’s Boardroom Tall Cabinet
    • Further information listed in READ FIRST doc in Resource Boxes
  • Equipment
    • Portable Whiteboards – Located in President’s Kitchen
    • Platform Truck/Cart (to transport boxes, etc.) – Located in the kitchen
    • Hardwired Bell Landlines and corresponding RED analogue phones intended for the following offices:
      - 2 in President’s Boardroom
      - 1 in President’s Office
      - 1 in Vice President Corporate Services Office
      - 1 in General Counsel’s Office
      - 1 in Communications
  • Technology
    • Emergency Power in President’s Office Suite
    • Multiple Contingency Network Jacks in installed in the EOC Boardroom table.
    • Additional Laptops / Tablets – Requests coordinated through IT
  • Documentation
    • EOCG Resource Boxes contain EOC Templates and Forms
    • Further information listed in READ FIRST doc in Resource Boxes


EOC Templates

Multiple copies of these forms can also be found in the EOCG Team Boxes, housed in the EOC.


EOC Position Log

  • Enter all significant decisions, actions, requests, activities, inquiries, schedule/shift changes
  • Keep entries concise for easy review
  • Submit position logs to the Documentation Lead in the Planning Section upon demobilization of the function

EOC Position Log PDF


EOC Status Report

Each Chief is to use this form to provide an update on the status of the response activities for your IMS Section during operational periods:

  • Identify outstanding issues that still need to be resolved
  • Current situations with the Section
  • Anticipated priorities and challenges that could arise over time
  • Other information or safety issues that could arise.

EOC Status Report PDF


EOC Event Board

Use this form to record major incident events that impact the scene, and the team’s decision-making.
EOC Event Board PDF