EOCG and SERT Resource Documents

Multiple copies of these forms can also be found in the EOCG Team Boxes, housed in the EOC. 

Incident Report Sheet 

The Incident Report is a tool that can be used by the Liaison Officer/Security with the On-Scene Commander (SERT) to gather information on-site during an emergency. Copies of this form are included in each EOCG Boxes in the EOC Cabinet. 

Incident Report Sheet PDF

EOCG Meeting Agenda

This agenda outlines the items that should be covered at the initial meetings. It may be possible to condense the meeting actions once an initial understanding of the emergency has been communicated and response efforts are underway.  
In the case of the EOCG Team, these meetings will always be chaired by the Incident Commander.

Sample Meeting Agenda PDF

EOC Action Plan

The EOC Action Plan is used to allocate actions from the EOCG and is to be updated at each Incident Response Cycle. 

EOC Action Plan PDF

Identify Potential Resources

Identify the resources needed for the incident you have chosen, where you might get them, and who will be responsible for them.  

Identify Potential Resources PDF