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Accident Insurance Coverage for Students on Unpaid Work Placement

All Mohawk College students on unpaid work placements as part of their program are covered by some form of accident insurance. It is important that we bring the following information to your attention as the unpaid work placement Placement Employer.  Please see the "New WSIB Information (opens new page)" web page for more details.

Should an accident/incident occur, all students are covered by either WSIB or Private Insurance (based upon which method the placement employer covers their regular employees) through the Ministry of Colleges and Universities (MCU)*

Certain requirements related to reporting the injury must be completed by the placement employer. Your cooperation is requested.

  1. Please inform Mohawk College faculty or the placement officer of the incident.
  2. If first aid only is required, please complete an accident report form and forward it to the appropriate faculty or placement officer at Mohawk College.
  3. Complete the WSIB form (opens new window) on the Provincial Government website.
  4. If a student is injured, exposed to communicable disease or a hazardous substance and requires treatment by a physician, or loses time from their placement beyond date of accident or exposure, the following forms must be completed in order for that student to receive compensation:
    • Accident report at the placement or work site
    • Letter of Authorization to Represent Placement Employer (completed by Occupational Health & Safety - completion of this form authorizes Mohawk College to act on behalf of placement employer when information and forms are submitted to WSIB and insurance agencies - also ensures the placement employer will not incur any costs)
  5. Completed Accident Report should be sent by fax or mailed to:

Mohawk College - Occupational Health & Safety
135 Fennell Avenue West, Room A103B
Hamilton ON L9C 0E5
Telephone: 905-575-2225

Thank you for your assistance and continued interest in Mohawk College and our students.

For further information please contact Occupational Health & Safety.

*Students on unpaid placements out-of-country or out-of-province may have limited private insurance in lieu of WSIB coverage and will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.