Frequently Asked Questions

What does the strike mean for Mohawk students?
Answers to frequently asked questions.

Before Strike Begins

Question: Is it just Mohawk College that is negotiating with faculty? 
Answer: The negotiations affect all 24 public colleges in Ontario, including Mohawk College. 

Question: What is a strike? 
Answer: A strike is a legal stoppage of work by union members after a vote by members to endorse the action. 

Question: When can a union strike? 
Answer: A union can strike when a contract has lapsed, negotiations to create a new contract have failed, a strike vote has been taken and a government-mandated conciliation process has failed to help a union and employers reach a consensus. 

Question: What is a strike mandate? 
Answer: In certain cases, union members will vote on whether or not to give their union the power to call a partial or full work stoppage during contract negotiations. A vote to empower a union in this manner is called a strike mandate. 

Question: How will I know a strike has begun? 
Answer: Mohawk will immediately notify all students and employees that a strike has begun. You will receive notification by email to both your Mohawk email account and personal email accounts. We will also post a notification to our website and on social media. A strike would also be widely covered by local media outlets. 

Question: How long would a strike last? 
Answer: We do not know. If there is a strike, the college will provide students with regular updates and will immediately notify students when the strike ends. 

Question: Will students lose their year? 
Answer: We understand students are worried about the potential for a strike. Your success is important to the college. If a strike were to happen, we will do everything we can to ensure you are not disadvantaged by it and that you have the opportunity to complete your academic year. 

Question: What happens if there is a strike? 
Answer: In the event of a strike, all full-time postsecondary and apprenticeship courses taught by Mohawk faculty will be suspended.  

Question: Is the college closed during the strike? 
Answer: All campuses will remain open and services will continue to be available to students. The David Braley Athletic and Recreation Centre, libraries and study areas will remain open for students. Current COVID-19 access protocols remain in place at all campuses.   

Question: What happens to collaborative programs with McMaster University?          
Answer: In the event of a strike, courses taught by Mohawk faculty will be suspended. Courses taught by McMaster faculty will continue. 

Question: Do online (virtual and remote) classes continue during a strike?  
Answer: All full-time postsecondary and apprenticeship courses taught by Mohawk faculty will be suspended during a strike. This means that all teaching activities, whether they are done remotely or in-person, would be suspended. In the event of a strike, students would be encouraged to catch up on any course work, readings and assignments and review any material that has been challenging to learn. 

Question: What happens to co-ops, field placements and clinical placements? 
Answer: Students will continue to work at co-ops and placements that do not require faculty supervision.  Placements that require faculty supervision will be suspended and those students will be notified. 

Frequently Asked Questions the College Employer Council

The College Employer Council represents the 24 public colleges in Ontario in negotiating collective agreements. The CEC also advises on human resources issues, benefits administration and research. For the latest news and updates from the CEC please visit the College Employer Council website.

The CEC has also developed a comprehensive FAQ page to address questions from students about the bargaining process. The FAQs are available at the College Employer Council website