Income Tax FAQs

Do I get a T2202A form?
T2202A forms are issued to students who have paid $100.00 or more in eligible fees for post-secondary level courses beginning and ending in a particular calendar year.

Why are you providing the T2202A on the web?
One of our goals is to provide faster and more efficient service to our students and to provide more self-service via the web. As well, each year we receive many return mailings because students did not update their addresses with the college.

Why doesn't my T2202A form match the amount I paid for my course?
The total amount of tuition fees paid may not necessarily correspond to your T2202A because not all of fees included in the tuition fee are tax deductible.

Fees that are not eligible include: Student Association fee, medical care; transportation and parking, meals and lodging, goods of lasting value that you will keep, such as a computer, microscope, uniform or an academic gown, initiation or entrance fees to a professional organization or cost of books (other than books that are included in the total fees for a correspondence course.)

I received my T2202A form but the address on it is incorrect. Do I need a new one?
You may submit the T2202A as received even if the address is incorrect. Note that it is not necessary for students to submit the T2202A form with the tax return, but they must produce it if requested by Revenue Canada.

Please note that you can correct your address on the Home tab in MyMohawk.

What Does Column B and C mean?
In addition to claiming tuition and ancillary fees, you are also eligible to claim an education amount for each month of full-time study or part-time study.

A full-time month equals at least 12 contact hours per week times three (3) consecutive weeks. A part-time month equals at least 3 consecutive weeks and involves a minimum of 12 hours of instruction each month.

For more detailed information, you can get information at the Canada Revenue Agency (opens new window) website, Canada Revenue Agency publishes a booklet called Students & Income Tax.