Institution-Funded Special Bursary (IFSB) FAQ


What is Institution-Funded Special Bursary (IFSB)?

IFSB is a bursary designed to assist financially needy students studying part-time, and completing their first eligible post-secondary certificate or diploma. 

Does IFSB cover 100% of tuition costs?

No. Students approved for IFSB will be required to pay 25% of their tuition prior to registration.

IFSB will fund a maximum of TWO courses per semester, at 75% of the tuition cost. 

IFSB may cover up to 100% of book expenses per course.

How do I apply for IFSB?

There are two parts involved in applying for IFSB.


What happens if I don't hand in my supporting documentation within 5 days?

Failure to provide this information within the stated timeline may result in the application not being reviewed.

Will IFSB cover all courses?

No. IFSB will fund a maximum of two courses per semester.

Can I be receiving OSAP and IFSB at the same time?

No. You are not allowed to be receiving The Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP), The Canada Student Loans Program (CSLP), Second Career, or another student financial assistance program from another province, territory or country at the same time.

What happens if I apply with less than 10 days to my course(s) start date?

Student's applying with less than 10 days to the course(s) start date will have to pay up-front to be registered while the application is being reviewed. If approved for funding, a refund will be issued after the 3rd week of classes.

Who can I contact if I have further questions?

For further questions on IFSB and CE Bursary Inquiries email ce-bursaries [at] (CE Bursaries)

Can I apply with a paper application?

Our current application process is available through an online application only.

What happens if I withdraw?

Students withdrawing from the course(s) where they have received financial assistance are expected to return the funding.