Student Parking Registration FAQ

What information do I need to register for parking?

You will need your MyMohawk log-in information, student number, license plate number and vehicle make/model. You can change vehicle or license plate information any time by visiting website. Parking permits are by license plate only. Please keep information up to date to avoid a ticket. 

Do I need a parking permit for the first day of classes?

Parking will be free of charge for the winter semester. Anyone bringing a vehicle to campus will be required to register their vehicle with Parking Services through the college’s online parking payment site.

Do I need to display a paper permit or sticker on the window?

No. After January 1, 2016, registration is by license plate only. If your vehicle information is registered correctly online, you don’t need to display anything in your vehicle or pick anything up. Register online and you’re ready to park!

Please visit if you need to update your vehicle/license plate information.

IAHS parking is operated by McMaster University Security and Parking Services (opens new window)

Do I get my own parking space?

No. Parking is on a first come, first served basis to permit holders and visitors to the College. 

Can I park my car on campus overnight?

No. Parking is not permitted on campus between 3 a.m. and 6 a.m., with the exception of a valid Residence lot parking permit. If an emergency arises and your car must remain in any lot overnight, you must contact College Security. Call 905-575-2003 or visit the Security Office at Fennell or Stoney Creek Campus.

What are my alternatives to driving to campus?

The Sustainability Office offers a number of programs and resources to help get you to campus in a more sustainable way and to ‘think outside the car.’ The Mohawk College Terminal is serving multiple HSR Transit routes, connecting the upper and lower City. You can find out more by visiting the transportation options page.

I have an outstanding parking ticket. Can I still get a permit?

No. Outstanding parking tickets must be brought into good standing before a new permit can be issued. You can pay your tickets online at Parking Services (opens new window).