Academic Software Request

This form is for software requests for Academic labs only.   Should you require an application installed on a Mohawk College owned device not in a lab environment, please contact the IT Service Desk helpdesk [at] or x2199. 


The current Academic image is built on Windows 10


Software will be developed and packaged via MohawkAPPS and delivered to labs virtually wherever possible.  Click here for a list of software that will be in the default image.


If software is new to the college (this includes major releases or updates) please allow for 4-8 weeks for delivery (this is based on complexity and our current request queue)  All requests will be worked on in a first come, first served basis.

Requester Details:

Software builds and deployments occur mostly during the summer semester.  Please provide a list of possible testers should you not be available during this time.

Software Details:

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Software Title Version New or Existing? Software Details (How it is license, what is it? Where to download it etc..) Program specific  Room# Requester Testers
Greenshot New Screenshot capture tool - open source license.

Computer Engineering Technician - 583 

Computer Engineering Technology - 552

E112 Johnny Depp Geoffrey Rush


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How is this software licensed?  Where can we download it?  What is the software for?  Do you have any installation instructions?
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Should the software need to be kept to a specific room/s or installed directly in room/s please list those here.