Advertising Program - Career Planning Interviewer Critique

Please note that this form is used by employers only for feedback during Mock Interviews in the third-year Career Readiness course with Wayne Aubert; it is not to be filled out by students. 

Evaluator Instructions: The Interviewer Critiques for the Initial Contact, Mock Interview, Portfolio (where applicable), and Follow-Up Communication are in the form of rubrics, which provide you with the performance objectives at each level. Please select the appropriate response for each of the questions below (if applicable.)

Rubric for Initial Contact: how does the candidate "measure up" to get the interview set up?

Rubric for Interview: measured for a "junior candidate".

Rubric for Follow-up Communication: Does he/she follow up with a thank you? This can be a follow-up email, or thank you card.

Your comments are important! Constructive feedback will be shared with the student so that she/he can work on areas of improvement, or acknowledge successes.

BONUS - Rubric for Business Portfolio: (What is this?) We encourage students to bring something to the interview for discussion purposes. A good business portfolio would include samples of work, awards, and other relevant materials. They are not intended to "show off good grades", rather to discuss what was achieved or an insight that was gained. (This section is for bonus purposes only, and if a student did not provide, or if you choose not to review, does not need to be completed.)