EAP Entrance Scholarships

Apply for a scholarship to study English at Mohawk College

Starting in September 2019, we are pleased to announce that students applying to General Arts and Science – English for Academic Purposes (International) – 478 will be eligible to apply for a scholarship to support the cost of tuition.

Mohawk International is committed to building a diverse student community, which includes giving opportunities to those who may otherwise face financial barriers to studying at our college.

Thanks to our generous partners at guard.me international insurance, the guard.me-Mohawk English Scholarships will be available each September for international students beginning an English program at Mohawk College. Applicants may submit a scholarship application form along with their standard college application, with successful applicants chosen on the basis of demonstrated academic potential and financial need.

Successful applicants will receive a $500 scholarship towards each EAP level studied at Mohawk College (up to a maximum of four levels). Read the full terms and conditions.
If you don't have one, please copy your last name.
If you don't have one, please copy your first name.
Why are you applying for a Guard.me Mohawk English Scholarship? (Choose all that apply)
Please note this application form is for a Guard.me Mohawk English Scholarship only, and should only be submitted alongside/after a full Mohawk international student application has been submitted. To find out how to apply to Mohawk as an international student, please click here.