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Membership Agreement

Please read the following membership agreement before submitting your application. 

Subject to the following conditions, access is only guaranteed for the restricted access bike parking facility for which membership was issued. Assistance for the use of the bike parking facility is only available during normal College business hours (Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm) through the Mohawk College Sustainability Office. Security staff is not responsible for the bike parking facility and is not able to provide access to the facility outside of normal hours.

1) There is no fee associated with using the Secure Bike Parking Facility. Access to the facility requires a completed membership application and an active OneCard.

2) All access to the Secure Bike Parking Facility will cease on the last day of the semester that access was granted. It is recommended that you reapply before the end of the term if you wish to continue access.

3) Access to the facility is limited to one bike per access designate. Parking availability within the facility is subject to occupancy and is not guaranteed.

4) Access may be revoked or renewal refused for failure to comply with the regulations of the restricted access bike parking facility. Access is non-transferable.

5) Membership is for the use of the Secure Bike Parking Facility only. Do not leave personal belongings in the facility. Mohawk College is not responsible for loss and/or damage of any kind whatsoever to bikes, bicycle equipment or personal belongings however caused. Cyclists must use the facility at their own risk.

Follow these recommendations to deter theft:
• Use a secure bicycle lock to lock your bicycle to the rack
• Remove any detachable items including your bicycle seat and saddlebags
• Personalize your bicycle with stickers, decals, lights and other equipment
• Engrave your name or serial numbers on the frame of your bicycle for identification

6) When approaching the facility, all signage and pavement markings must be observed and obeyed in all Mohawk College parking lots. Do no block the general flow of traffic.

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