Mohawk Creator's Camp


What is Mohawk Creator's Camp?

Mohawk Creator’s Camp, powered by SURGE, is a one week summer intensive program for high school students, ages 13-18. This is not your typical camp. Mohawk Creator’s Camp will help aspiring young minds make creative content and learn from the masters on how to turn a hobby into a profitable business. This fun five-day intensive experience will allow students to get first-hand knowledge on social media influencing, and how to turn it into a career. In partnership with the Industry Education Council of Hamilton and the M.I.G.H.T.Y. Entrepreneurship Program, students will also learn entrepreneurial skills to help them launch, manage, and sustain their business. Over this one week program, students will be able to work alongside 18 different masters in the creator world. They will interact and learn from some of Canada’s top YouTube talent through master classes and mentorship, while using Mohawk College’s resources to create their very own channel. To wrap up the week, students will be taken on a field trip to learn about different creator/maker spaces in the GTHA where they can continue creating and building their channel. To break up the day the students will be sitting down with two master creators in Toronto for an engaging lunch n’ learn before heading back into Hamilton.

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Want to see what the students developed over the week and how to help them continue creating and building their business? On Monday, July 16th Mohawk Creator’s Camp welcomes all parents and students back to the college to celebrate and showcase the hard work the student creators put into their channels while at camp. Brittlestar, a father of two creator kids, will be joining us to discuss his experience parenting his kids in their growth as YouTube creators, touching on how to help, sustain and further understand the new business venture the students developed over the week. 

Daily Breakdown

Each day will be broken down into three different workshops.

1. Each morning students will sit through a one hour master class, taught by some of Canada's top YouTube talent. Students will learn from some of the best in the industry, hearing their stories of how they got started, the struggles, successes, and more! NELK, Mike on Much, VintageBeef, Andrew Huang, are just some of the YouTubers joining us this week. More to be announced!

2. Second portion of the day covers how to create YouTube content. Sheena Snively will take students through the process every YouTuber uses to create a successful channel. During the week students will identify their theme, plan out their channel, and develop a trailer for their channel using top equipment provided by Mohawk College.

3. Entrepreneurship skills, taught by the Industry Education Council of Hamilton's M.I.G.H.T.Y. program, will teach students basic skills to help them create and manage the business after the camp has ended. Students will learn how to monetize their channel, market and promote their content, and create a basic business plan to stay on track.

What's Included

  • $40.00 meal card for all four days they are on campus
  • A field trip into Toronto and other areas of Hamilton to visit creator spaces and entrepreneurship resource centres. These spaces can be used by students once they have graduated from the camp to continue their YouTube business.
  • A lunch n' Learn in Toronto with two YouTube creators
  • A Mohawk Creator's Camp shirt and swag bag
  • Access to camera equipment throughout the week


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Time, Date, and Location

Cost: $375.00

Date: July 9-13th

Time: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Location: 135 Fennell Ave. West

Master Creators

Andrew Huang

Andrew is a music producer working with lots of different genres and instruments, including things that aren't instruments, like pants and balloons. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and trying new things.


Stewart Reynolds is the father of two teen boys, Owen and Gregor (both well-known creators online). These three guys, along with Brittlestar’s camera-shy wife, Shannon, have created viral videos for a variety of brands and organizations such as Disney, ESPN, Subway, CBC, Walmart, and others.

Rachel David

Rachel is an entrepreneur that runs an influencer marketing company called . She travels, connects with creators all over the world, and show her followers what it's like behind the scenes of her journey and special moments every week.

Mike On MUCH Podcast

HOSTED BY Mike Veerman, a seasoned writer, director, and producer, the Mike On Much podcast features long-form interviews with compelling cultural figures from the world of music, comedy and entertainment. The series is co-produced by Max Kerman, lead singer of the four-time JUNO Award-winning rock band Arkells, and also features a “dessert” segment with YouTuber and pop culture aficionado Shane Cunningham.

The Exists

Sam Sutherland is the host of the YouTube channel The Exists. He digs up the pop culture peculiarities and nonsense that exists in the darkness on the edge of town.

Sarah Anne

Sarah Anne is a little bit fashion obsessed. She brings plus size fashion in an attainable way, as well as talk body positivity with her audience. She makes videos on plus size fashion, confidence, makeup, and other things relating to her life.


NELK is a Social experiment channel hosted by 2 friends Kyle Forgeard and Jesse Sebastiani, they can also be found on other Creator Spaces such as LucasAndKyle and mtvjesse. They will be touching on topics such as social responsibility, and expanding beyond YouTube

Mark Suki

Mark Suki is a primary host for YTV's The Zone. He created and produced the YTV Summer Road Trip YouTube series, he worked as an instructor for Kamera.


09SharkBoy is a Hamilton local. He is a Minecraft gamer who creates child friendly gaming content that contains Minecraft Trolling, Minecraft Bedwars and other fun Minecraft maps and games.


Vintagebeef is a gamer, YouTuber, and video game reviewer. He informs his audience on tips, tricks and what's great in the gaming community.

Contact Us

surge [at]
905-575-1212 ext. 3209

135 Fennell Ave. West
Hamilton, ON