Planned Gifts

Bequests/Planned Gift

If you would like to strengthen your relationship Mohawk College however you’re not in a position to do so, you can make a gift in your Will.  A bequest gift in your Will can assist to safeguard the future of Mohawk College and the students they educate.  There is no greater legacy one can leave to future generations then the gift of education.


Planned gifts are created now and take many different forms each with varying tax benefits.  Mohawk College Foundation would be honoured to work in partnership with you to create your special legacy for the future.


Donations in a Will (Bequests)

A bequest made in a Will is the most common and easy to prepare.  It can be in the form of cash, and assets.  The amount can be identified or in the residue of the estate.

Charitable receipts up to 100% of the donor’s net income can be claimed as a charitable donation in the year of death (and preceding year, if necessary).

Donations of Publicly Listed Securities
Stocks, bonds and alike assets can be donated through your Will and is referred to as a gift-in-kind which means it’s not considered a cash gift.

Selling appreciated securities will trigger a tax on 50% of the capital gain.  By donating those same securities directly to a charity, it will reduce the capital gain to 0 and trigger a tax receipt for the fair market value of the security.  Receipt amount is based on the value of the security the day the charity receives the fund.

Donation of RRSP/RRIF

Naming your spouse as a beneficiary of a RRSP/RRIF will defer the tax liability.  On the death of the surviving spouse, the full amount of the RRSP/RRIF will be taxed as income in the year of death.  By assigning a charity as beneficiary, it will offset the tax and eliminate probate fees.

Estate will receive a donation for the full amount of the gift.  Probate fees can be avoided as any asset that is passed directly to the beneficiary won’t require probate and will remain private and confidential unlike those that are distributed through a Will.

Donation of Life Insurance

Charitable donations can be made through an existing or new life insurance policy as follows:

1.    Donate an existing policy with Mohawk College Foundation as owner and beneficiary.
2.    Purchase a new policy with Mohawk College Foundation as owner and beneficiary.
3.    Donate a policy through your Will naming Mohawk College Foundation as beneficiary.

1.    Potential eligibility for a tax receipt for the policy donation if Mohawk College Foundation is owner and beneficiary of the policy.
2.    Policy premiums qualify for a tax receipt if Mohawk College Foundation is owner and beneficiary of the policy.
3.    Upon death, the estate will receive a tax receipt for the fair market value of the policy.

Charitable Gift Annuity

Donors can make an irrevocable gift of cash or investments whereby a portion is directed as a charitable gift and the balance is invested to generate a guaranteed income for life.  It is important to determine the after-tax income required.

An immediate tax receipt is provided for the portion that is directed to the charity.  Payments care fixed for life and depending on the age, a substantial portion of the income may be tax-free.  A charitable gift annuity avoids probate taxes to the estate upon death.

In appreciation of your commitment to Mohawk College through a bequest/planned gift, we invite you to share your story and allow us the opportunity to celebrate with you.