Preplacement Services

If your program of choice includes a clinical, practicum, or field placement, you may be required to complete Preplacement Non-Academic Requirements (NARs). You can learn about your program specific Preplacement requirements by going to MyMohawk under the Academics tab to locate Preplacement Services.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Where can I find out about my program specific Preplacement requirements?
Registered students can find their program specific requirements by logging into MyMohawk, accessing the Academics tab, and finding the Preplacement Services section.

How can I check my Preplacement completion status?
Students can view their Health and Safety Passport by logging into MyMohawk and accessing the Academics tab. The Preplacement Services section includes a link called “View or Print Health and Safety Passport”.

Am I responsible for the costs associated with Preplacement?
Accepted applicants may need to complete specific requirements for their program prior to beginning clinical, practicum, or field placements and are responsible for any associated costs (Police check, CPR, etc.).

I have classes at the IAHS campus. Can I drop off my Preplacement forms at the Fennell campus?
Due to current COVID-19 restrictions and limited access to campuses, we are asking students to submit all requirements by email to preplacementservices [at]

Do I need to have everything completed before I accept my offer to Mohawk?
Each program has different requirements. Please check the Preplacement Services on MyMohawk for details regarding deadlines.

What are NARs?
NARs are Non-Academic Requirements.

Police Check

Can I participate in a practicum, clinical, or field placement with a criminal record?
Registered students who have been convicted of an offense under the Criminal Code for which they have not been pardoned may be denied the opportunity to enter clinical, practicum, or field placements. If a student’s Police Check is “not clear”, their acceptance and suitability for placement is at the discretion of the agency. Mohawk College cannot guarantee placement changes if refused by the agency.

I have a police check, can I use the one I have?
Yes, as long as the police check is the correct type being requested and it is valid during the entire length of the academic year and the duration of the placement.

Where do I get a police check done?
Students must contact the local police station where they reside. For more information, please see the “Preplacement Services Information” document located on MyMohawk under Preplacement Services.

Immunizations & TB

Can I go to my doctor for the required immunizations and what paperwork is required?
Yes, students can go to their family doctor for immunizations and TB skin tests. Before an appointment, students can access their public health immunization records at City of Hamilton Public Health Services website, or contact their local public health unit, if applicable. Once students have an updated immunization record, print off Forms C and D from MyMohawk for the doctor to complete. Completed Forms C and D should then be submitted to the Preplacement Services office.

Previously Completed Requirements

If I have previously completed Preplacement requirements, can they be carried over to my current program?
Students should contact Preplacement Services to have their documents reviewed, as many requirements only have to be completed once during a student’s time at Mohawk College.

If I previously completed Occupational Health and Safety Requirements (AODA, WHMIS) outside of the College, are they valid for Preplacement purposes?
Previously completed Occupational Health and Safety requirements are not valid. Students have to complete Mohawk College’s Occupational Health and Safety training through MyCanvas.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please contact the Preplacement Services Office:

preplacementservices [at] (General)
preplacementnurse [at] (Immunizations and TB)
IAHS campus - 905-575-1212 Ext: 6086
Fennell campus - 905-575-1212 Ext: 4525
Nurse - 905-575-1212 Ext: 6994