Learning at Mohawk

There are a variety of ways you may learn at Mohawk, depending on your program. Here are some of the learning methods you may experience. See the Program of Study information for details about the types of learning a program includes.

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Blended Learning

Experience both face-to-face and online learning with blended learning. Most courses at Mohawk are blended so you'll spend some class time learning on-campus and some time actively engaging with course material online.

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Field/Clinical Placement

In a field or clinical placement, you’ll gain real-world experience in a work/clinical setting for a limited time period.

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Co-op Placement

On a co-op placement you’ll work in a paid, industry position for a semester at a time, gaining work experience in your chosen field.

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In a classroom setting, you’ll learn with your peers and teacher in a classroom on-campus. This type of learning is sometimes referred to as “lecture" or "face-to-face.”

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In an on-campus lab environment, you’ll learn hands-on with tools and/or equipment utilized in your field.

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Fully online

In a fully online course, you’ll learn using a computer and the Internet.