Learning Outcomes

Our graduates leave us equipped with five key Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILO’s). According to our employers these ILO’s differentiate our graduates, providing them with the added skills needed to be successful in any job.


91% in Overall Employer Satisfaction for oral communication*

Mohawk Graduates will communicate effectively with others of diverse backgrounds, values and personalities to develop meaningful relationships, share knowledge, manage conflict, solve problems, and foster positive change.


95% in Overall Employer Satisfaction for team work*

Mohawk Graduates will collaborate productively across networks to enhance knowledge, generate innovative ideas, resolve challenges and respond to change.

Critical Thinkers

86% in Overall Employer Satisfaction for critical thinking*

Mohawk Graduates will use creativity and problem solving skills to make informed decisions, assess risk, and take appropriate, timely action.

Continuous Learners

92% in Overall Employer Satisfaction for adaptability*

Mohawk Graduates will develop practical, occupation-specific knowledge, skills and abilities, as well as have the capacity to use learning technologies to stay current, pursue professional development, and personal renewal opportunities.

Responsible Citizens

94% in Overall Employer Satisfaction for responsibility*

Mohawk Graduates will apply personal, professional and social practices to promote physical, economic, mental and emotional well-being as well as foster civic engagement.


*2016-17 Graduate Outcomes and Satisfaction Survey; and Employer Satisfaction Survey