Airplanes, Advice, and Answers: Crystal’s Open House Experience

Crystal infront of a plane

Crystal, an Aviation Technician - Avionics Maintenance student, joined Mohawk College to follow her passion. Having worked in the customer service side of the field, Crystal fell in love with the aviation industry and dreamed of working in the technical side - aircraft electronic systems. When the pandemic impacted her job, she saw it as an opportunity to get an education and dive into avionics. 

When she discovered the Avionics Maintenance program at Mohawk College, Crystal knew that it was the opportunity she had been searching for. She decided to join the program and has been enjoying learning the ins-and-outs of planes ever since. “It has been so good,” she said. “Our campus is right beside the airport and so you see people working and doing what you're going to do in the industry when you're out there after school.”

Crystal posing from above the hangerCrystal attended the Spring Open House at the Centre for Aviation Technology at Hamilton International Airport campus. The event showed her everything that Mohawk has to offer potential students, and as an avionics student, she was fascinated by the amount of aviation technology on display. “It was such an amazing experience. The facilities are amazing, the aircrafts and the engine displays at the hangar were the main attraction. I'm sure anyone who saw it would be so impressed and would love to attend the Aviation campus where there are many things you could play with and learn from,” she said. “The event provided insight into the many opportunities your career can offer once you're done with the program.”

Through the event Crystal had the chance to thoroughly explore the campus and interact directly with the instructors and faculty who teach in her program. “During Open House every room was open to visitors, and the instructors patiently and enthusiastically showcased the equipment that will be used while attending the program. They even let you in some aircrafts, power them on and show you the systems used when flying the plane,” she said.

Something that excited her was the breadth of knowledge the instructors have to draw from while they teach. “The instructors were introduced as people who have vast experience in the industry, who had hands-on experience working on the aircrafts. I think that is such a huge plus.”

When asked if she would recommend Open House to a student who’s considering attending Mohawk, Crystals answer was an enthusiastic ‘yes.’ “Students should come to see what they could expect from Mohawk. I'm sure they will be pretty impressed!”