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Beatrice Ingabire smiles as she sits in I-wing of the Mohawk College Fennell Campus.

As an accountant, earning your CPA (Chartered Professional Accountant) designation is a goal many professionals strive for. It signifies you as being as professionally qualified and capable as possible in your role as an accountant. At Mohawk College, it’s important that our students are given options to achieve their goals. That’s why we’ve partnered with Brock University to offer a pathway from Mohawk’s Business Administration – Accounting program to Brock’s Bachelor of Accounting program, providing our students with a streamlined education from diploma to degree to earn the qualifications they need for a CPA designation. 

“In Canada, CPA is the highest recognized accounting designation,” said Monica Gallagher, CPA, and program coordinator for the Business Administration – Accounting program at Mohawk College. “It’s like a lawyer passing the BAR exam or a doctor receiving their doctorate: It’s what makes you a professional accountant. The beautiful thing about a CPA is that it’s very well recognized around the world. You can take it with you from job to job, as well as to other countries.” 

While a CPA isn’t required to work in many accounting positions, those who do attain their CPA designation will have the opportunity to work in more exclusive, highly qualified, and often better paying positions, such as working for the government. “There are certain positions that, when they’re looking to hire someone, they’re looking specifically for a CPA,” said Monica. 

“Mohawk’s Accounting program is taught mostly by CPA’s who’ve come into the program with lots of experience working in the industry,” she said. “We provide an introduction to the fundamentals of financial accounting as well as looking into cost and managerial accounting, which are things like budgeting and costing of products,” said Monica. “And of course, all the business skills as well that go with being a successful accountant such as communication, math skills and organizational skills.” 

Students in the Business – Accounting (co-op) program are provided with hands-on learning opportunities through their co-op. “The co-op program provides students with an excellent opportunity for experiential learning,” said Monica. “Our students go out into the workforce for three work terms (a work term consists of four months). They can work with one employer for all three terms, or three separate employers. We have great placements with companies within Hamilton, Burlington, and Brantford.” 

Students in the non-co-op stream will still have opportunities for hands-on learning. “Some of our courses themselves have experiential learning built in. Our case course provides client work for real world companies, as well as volunteer opportunities for students to do more client work,” said Monica. 

 “I work with the students and CRA to do volunteer income tax clinics, we prepare tax returns for students and individuals who are low income who need help filing their tax returns,” she continued. 

Monica encourages students whose goal is a CPA designation to seriously consider the pathway to Brock. “For those who would like to continue on after graduating, further their education and get their CPA designation, this would be a great pathway,” said Monica. “Brock’s program has a co-op option as well, and hours completed through your co-op at Brock will count towards your CPA designation.” 

The Bachelor of Accounting program at Brock University is a four-year degree program that is recognized by CPA Ontario. “If you want to get your CPA designation, by completing the degree you’ve met the degree requirement as well as the pre-requisite requirements,” said Monica. Students graduating from the degree program will also be considered for Brock’s Masters of Accounting.  

Beatrice Ingabire, a student in the Business Administration – Accounting program, joined the program specifically for the opportunity to attain a CPA designation. “I chose to study accounting at Mohawk College and to take the pathway to Brock because they prepare a student to become a chartered professional accountant,” said Beatrice. 

Students from the accounting program at Mohawk can enter the program at Brock a step ahead using the transfer. “The Brock pathway will lead students from our two-year and three-year programs directly into Brock’s Bachelor of Accounting Degree.” said Monica. 

“Students will get transfer credits to Brock coming from Mohawk,” she continued. “If you’re looking at the 4-year degree program at Brock, a student leaving Mohawk with a two-year diploma would be granted one full year or two semesters at Brock, and a student leaving with a three-year diploma would be granted one and a half years or three semesters.” 

According to Monica, Students who complete the accounting program at Mohawk are well prepared to succeed at Brock. “Students in the program at Brock call Mohawk transfer students the ‘smart Mohawk students,’ because our program prepares students so well for the next step in their education,” she said. 

Monica welcomes those curious about the Business Accounting – Administration program and the pathway options to Brock University to reach out to her directly at monica.gallagher [at] 

A Mohawk College credential gives you options.

Graduates of the Business – Accounting Diploma with a weighted grade point average (GPA) of 75% are eligible to apply for Brock Bachelor of Accounting. The minimum requirement for entry into the Brock Bachelor of Accounting (Co-op) program is a cumulative average of 78%. Eligible graduates will receive a maximum of 5.0 credits (approximately 1 year) toward the Bachelor of Accounting or Bachelor of Accounting Co-op programs. 


Graduates of the Business Administration Accounting – Advanced Diploma with a weighted grade point average (GPA) of 75% are eligible to apply for Brock Bachelor of Accounting. The minimum requirement for entry into the Brock Bachelor of Accounting (Co-op) program is a cumulative average of 78%. Eligible graduates will receive a maximum of 7.5 credits (approximately 1.5 years) toward the Bachelor of Accounting or Bachelor of Accounting Co-op programs.


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