Pathways beyond Mohawk

At Mohawk College, we are here to help you reach your educational goals. We understand that these goals can’t always be accomplished here, such as a diploma or a degree that isn’t offered at Mohawk College. You’ll find that your time here has created many transfer options which we can help you navigate. 

Questions about pathways beyond Mohawk College? We're here to help! Connect with a Mohawk Transfer Advisor.

Transfer agreements 

Transfer agreements are when credits earned in your program can be applied towards advanced standing or direct entry into another. We have a long list of transfer agreements with colleges and universities, both in Ontario and around the world. Be sure to review the Mohawk transfer database to understand your options. 

How to locate transfer agreements 

There are two ways to easily locate and understand options.  

  1. The website: 
    This is a helpful resource that lists every transfer agreement between Ontario institutions. 

  1. A Mohawk College program page: 
    Transfer agreements are also listed on the program page under the “Educational Pathways” tab.  

Connecting to your roots: Michelle's Path

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Schools with no formal agreements 

If you find you are considering a school with which we have no formal agreement, you should always contact the Mohawk Transfer Advisor at Mohawk College. You can also connect with the admissions department at the school you’re considering transferring to to find out what your credit transfer options are. Depending on the school and the program, it’s very common for there to be some process through which you can apply for recognition of your academic achievements to date. 

ONTransfer Logo

Tip: You may also find help at ONTransfer, a service provided by the Ontario Council on Articulation and Transfer (ONCAT) to connect current and prospective students to transfer opportunities within Ontario’s 45 publicly assisted Colleges and Universities. 

Student pathway stories

Charter your path to a CPA designation

Beatrice, a student in the Business Administration – Accounting program, joined the program specifically for the opportunity to attain a CPA designation.

From technology diploma to degree

The Biotechnology Advanced Diploma Program is one of many Technology programs at Mohawk College that offers a pathway to Bachelor of Technology programs at McMaster.

Find your path with Child and Youth Care

Having options to choose from after graduation is something that Khaini, a student in the Child and Youth Care program, deeply appreciates. "In this program, with further education you can work in a hospital, in schools, and group homes,” Khaini said. 

Door to Degree: The Advantage of Pathways Programs

The Business Administration program has created a bridge for Chloe that she didn’t think was possible. “The pathway to university that is offered through this program is such a great opportunity that I never thought I would have access to,” said Chloe. 

Additional pathways resources 

Questions about pathways beyond Mohawk College? We're here to help! Connect with a Mohawk Transfer Advisor.

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