Digital Health in a Digital World

Photo of Chloe Gallagher

By Emmett Steele | 3rd year Journalism student

For many people, the question of what to study in college is difficult. For others, life sends you down a path that provides clarity in what you want to study.  

When it came time for Chloe Gallagher to enrol at Mohawk College, she knew exactly what program she wanted to be in. “After having an arteriovenous malformation rupture when I was 15, being diagnosed with epilepsy and vision loss, and undergoing over 10 brain surgeries, I have been entrenched in our healthcare system for 12 years,” says Chloe. I’ve witnessed the greatness it provides, but I’ve also fallen through the cracks several times. My experience with our siloed healthcare system led me to a passion for the improvement of patient and provider experience.” 

Digital Health plays a large part in seamless care and transitions and patient safety, to name a few,” Chloe continues. I jumped at the opportunity to get a formal degree in this field. 

The Digital Health Bachelors Degree (honours) program has been the perfect fit for Chloe. She’s found the individual time she gets to meet with her professors has been invaluable for her learning. “My experience in this program has been fantastic; our profs strive to help us understand what we’re learning, consistently ask for feedback, and work to help us be as successful as possible,” says Chloe. “My favourite part has been the one-on-one time we are fortunate to have with our instructors thanks to the smaller class sizes that the college offers. 

While the requirements for the program can seem intimidating, Chloe encourages those who are interested in Digital Health to follow that passion. Don’t dismiss this program if you don’t have a wealth of coding experience, medical knowledge, or otherwise,” says Chloe. “The professors help you gather an understanding of difficult concepts and the education you’ll receive will make you more excited about the field and possible future careers.

Chloe is an ambassador for Epilepsy South Central Ontario, sharing her experiences with her professors and classmates. While she’s been limited in what she can do as an ambassador due to the Covid-19 pandemic, she’s hopeful she’ll have the opportunity to engage more with the Mohawk College community.

It’s definitely something I am interested in and hope to explore in the future,” says Chloe. I encourage those with epilepsy or living with a chronic condition to reach out to me; I would love to assist and support you in any way I can. I would absolutely recommend Mohawk to both individuals with epilepsy or various health conditions. Everyone takes the time to ensure you’re safe and works to understand and support you in whatever way they can. 

To learn more about the Digital Health program, please visit the program website.