Kevin MacKay

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Kevin MacKay
kevin.mackay [at] (kevin[dot]mackay[at]mohawkcollege[dot]ca)

Kevin is a social science professor at Mohawk College. He researches, writes, and teaches on the subjects of civilization collapse, political transformation, geopolitics, and global systemic risk. In 2017 he published Radical Transformation: Oligarchy, Collapse, and the Crisis of Civilization with Between the Lines Books. He is currently working on a book entitled A New Ecological Politics, with Oregon State University Press. Kevin also serves as Vice President of the Mohawk faculty union, OPSEU-SEFPO Local 240. He is further involved in academic union work as a member of the OPSEU-SEFPO Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology - Academic (CAAT-A) Divisional Executive and as a delegate to the Hamilton and District Labour Council and the Canadian Association of University Teachers. 

In 2013 Kevin wrote the Report on Education in Ontario Colleges, and in 2019 he wrote the Update on Education in Ontario Colleges with Martin Devitt. In 2020 he published The Challenge of Ethical Development: Sky Dragon and Downtown Gentrification, in Weinberg (ed.) Reclaiming Hamilton: Essays from the New Ambitious City. In 2004 he founded the Sky Dragon Community Development Co-operative with a group of like-minded Hamilton residents. Sky Dragon operates a non-profit community centre in downtown Hamilton. When not writing, renovating, or kayaking, Kevin regularly delivers public lectures on issues of peace, conflict, and international relations.