Melissa Fox

Malissa Fox portrait.
Melissa Fox
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Mathematics & Statistics

Melissa Fox is a graduate of Queen's University with an Electrical Engineering degree and has been a Professional Engineer in Ontario since 1994.  During her university summers she also worked as an electrical apprentice, completing the first two levels at Mohawk College and worked on several industrial projects.  In 1992, she began working for a large Ontario-based industrial construction company and worked for nine years as a one of their project engineers.  After starting a family, in 2001 she began teaching part-time at Niagara College delivering the higher-level electrical math courses and circuit courses within the electrical engineering technology/technician programs.  She relocated to Mohawk College in 2004 and was hired on full-time in 2007 in the Engineering Technology Mathematics department.  Since then, she has taught a multitude of the math courses at Mohawk, including courses within the Building and Construction Sciences, Mechanical Engineering Technology, Chemical Engineering Technology, and Electrotech cluster of programs.  Melissa has consistently received above-average College, Program and Department Student Feedback Survey results.  She is extremely personable, passionate about what she does, and focused on the success of all her students.  Melissa is married with four university aged boys.  She loves to bike, hike, kayak, and spend time at the cottage with her family and pet dog.