Tulsie A. Raghubir-Mamouzellos

Tulsie A. Raghubir-Mamouzellos
tulsie.raghubir [at] mohawkcollege.ca (tulsie[dot]raghubir[at]mohawkcollege[dot]ca)

Tulsie A. Raghubir-Mamouzellos (she/they) has been teaching since 1998, and came to Mohawk College in 2002. She encourages students to “peel back the layers” and engage in critical thinking skills where they can find their own voice, use it, and be their own advocate. Their hope is to inspire students to find their purpose, foster problem solving and promote equitable learning. Her interest lies in innovation regarding education, and to diversify education to support the advancement of all students where they are the driver’s seat in their academic journey and their roadmap of lifelong learning. She has created courses, revised curriculum, and currently teaches Sociology and Psychology courses at Mohawk College & the IAHS at McMaster University. They have a specific interest in Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, which can be seen in the courses that they teach and/or is course Leader for (Mohawk College: PSYC 10015 – Human Sexuality, PSYCH 10028 – Positive Psychology, SS156 – Intro Psychology) (McMaster University (IAHS): COLLAB 3B03 – Diversity and Inequality, COLLAB 2D03 – Human Sexuality). She prefers a relaxed, inclusive, and safe classroom environment, where discussion is nurtured in the pursuit of inclusive excellence. They have a BA (Hons) from Brock University, and a MS. Ed from Niagara University.