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The educator development space is active in Ontario, Canada, and Internationally. CTLI at Mohawk College participates collaboratively with many Ontario Institutions, such as McMaster University and ContactNorth. The fantastic opportunities offered by CTLI are further enriched through this global community of post-secondary focused events and conferences. Visit this page often to learn about opportunities offered by other Academic Institutions and organizations.

Upcoming Events

Advancing Learning

Ontario's leading conference on educational technology presented by the Educational Technology Committee (ETC), for practicing post-secondary educators. Hosted by one of Ontario's public colleges, this annual event provides an opportunity for faculty, instructional designers, multimedia specialists, education developers, and academic leadership to collaborate, share, and learn about topics related to innovative educational technology and its use in the classroom to advance higher education.

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Contact North | Contact Nord

Contact North is a free, bilingual service supporting learners and educators, primarily in Rural Ontario. Through teachonline.ca Contact North offers a variety of informational resources and free webinars. Current resources focus on topics such as:

  • Making Sense of Micro-Credentials
  • AI in Higher Education
  • Teaching in a Digital Age
  • Searchable directories of Upcoming PD opportunities and Selected Journals of Online and Distance Learning

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Indigenous Canada Course

Interested in learning more about histories and contemporary perspectives of Indigenous peoples living in Canada? Enroll in the University of Alberta Faculty of Native Studies' Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). From an Indigenous perspective, this course explores complex experiences Indigenous peoples face today from a historical and critical perspective highlighting national and local Indigenous-settler relations.

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McMaster Conference on Education & Cognition

Known as EdCog, this annual summer conference offers rich resources and speakers who explore how the principles of cognitive science can inform instructional design and critical issues in education.

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Quality Matters (QM)

QM is a nonprofit, global organization dedicated to leading quality assurance in online and innovative digital teaching and learning environments. Courses offered fully online and/or through the OntarioLearn platform, are expected to meet the Rubric standards. Visit the QM website to learn more about the rubric and the research behind QM standards. A series of free webinars are also accessible through the site.

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Reconciliation Through Indigenous Education Course

This free Massive open Online Course (MOOC) offered by the University of British Columbia's Faculty of Education, “will help you envision how Indigenous histories, perspectives, worldviews, and approaches to learning can be made part of the work we do in classrooms, organizations, communities, and our everyday experiences in ways that are thoughtful and respectful. In this course, reconciliation emphasizes changing institutional structures, practices, and policies, as well as personal and professional ideologies to create environments that are committed to strengthening our relationships with Indigenous peoples (UBC 2023).

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Annual CAST UDL Symposium

The Annual CAST UDL Symposium is an opportunity to go beyond the basics of Universal Design for Learning and explore the intersections between UDL and larger topics in the field of education. Past Symposia have explored learner engagement, building a UDL community, social justice, learner empowerment, and designing for equity.

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Innovations in Education Conference - Thursday, December 7 - Friday, December 8, 2023

The Paul R. MacPherson Institute for Leadership, Innovation, and Excellence in Teaching at McMaster University is excited to announce the 2023 Innovations in Education Conference. The conference will be hosted in a blended format over two days: December 7 will be at McMaster Innovation Park, and December 8 will be held virtually on Zoom Events.

We invite proposals for research or scholarly projects that explore one or more of the conference topic areas below from individuals or teams of scholars:

  • Accessibility
  • Inclusion & Anti-Racist Education
  • Decolonization, Indigenization, & Reconciliation
  • Students as Partners
  • Educational Leadership
  • Educational Development
  • Technology-Enhanced Education
  • Scholarship of Teaching and Learning/Research on Teaching and Learning

Visit the Innovations in Education Conference Overview Page


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The Generative AI Mirror: The Five Pathologies of Edtech Discourse about New Technologies September 6, 2023 1-2:00pm

Explore five pathologies of higher education discourse around generative AI, as well as the lasting changes you can expect.

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Successful and seamless student transitions September 13, 2023 1:00-2:00pm

Are you perplexed by the disparity between students' high school achievements and their college performance? This puzzle has left educators, parents, policymakers and students themselves in search of answers. What is really behind the phenomenon?

Visit Successful and seamless student transitions


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The AI Revolution: Transforming Higher Education for the Workforce of Tomorrow September 13, 2023 2:00-3:00pm

The artificial intelligence (AI) revolution is upon us. How can institutions of higher education adapt to meet the emerging needs of the workplace as AI becomes more commonly used? During this webinar, a panel of experts will examine the near-term effects of this rapidly developing technology on both the workforce and higher education.

Visit The AI Revolution: Transforming Higher Education for the Workforce of Tomorrow


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Rethinking Digital Literacy: Toward a Holistic Digital Competency Framework for Teacher October 4, 2023 7-8:00pm

Explore five pathologies of higher education discourse around generative AI, as well as the lasting changes you can expect.

Visit Rethinking Digital Literacy: Toward a Holistic Digital Competency Framework for Teacher


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T&L Conversations- Understanding Students' Experiences of Well-Being in Learning Environments October 12th

Facilitator(s): Niagara College Centre for Academic Excellence

T& L Conversations are small, informal, and guided conversations akin to a book or journal club. Participants come together virtually to discuss key impressions of the selected resource and reflect on how the themes explored in the resource relate to our lived experiences as educators. Join colleagues from Niagara, Mohawk, Fanshawe, Lambton and St. Clair Colleges in a guided conversation to discuss your insights and reflections on the following resource: Understanding Students' Experiences of Well-Being in Learning Environments

Learning Outcomes:

While it's recognized the learning contexts can help to create and enhance well-being, there's limited research on students' perceptions of well-being in learning environments.

When: October 12 @ 10:00am

Duration: 1 hour

Where: Virtual

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The Outdoor Learning Store - A Charitable Non-profit Oct 15 - June 30

Did you know that Robin Wall Kimmerer, along with 10 other amazing Indigenous presenters from across Turtle Island, will be sharing their stories as part of this upcoming 4 Seasons of Indigenous Learning initiative?

We invite you to join us from Oct 15 - June 30:

  • 10 Learning Modules (~30 mins of self-paced learning / month)
  • 10 Virtual Gatherings with Indigenous Presenters (~1 hour/month)
  • $25 towards excellent Indigenous Learning Resources
  • A Certificate of Completion issued by the First Nations University of Canada
  • Access to a Learning Community to learn, share and connect with

This is offered in partnership with 40 non-profit organizations from across Turtle Island. The goal of this initiative is to encourage and empower people to deepen their understanding of and appreciation for Indigenous knowledge and perspectives while strengthening their connections with the local land.


Visit The Outdoor Learning Store

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Second Ontario Extend Sprint Registration Now Open October 31st - November 16th

Facilitator(s): eCampusOntario

Keynote Speaker(s): eDr. Bonnie Stewart

The first round of Ontario Extend sprint was a huge success, and we are delighted to announce a second sprint. Participants will receive a stipend of $2000 upon successful completion. A French-language Sprint is also available.

Learning Outcomes:

The Empowered Educator Micro-credential covers six badges that will help empower you to reach a new level of digital teaching.

  • Teacher: An understanding of how students learn and how to design effective learning activities and experiences.
  • Curator: A producer and consumer of appropriate open educational resources through sharing and development.
  • Technologist: Fluency using learning technology in educationally effective ways.
  • Collaborator: Sharing and enhancing one's own educational approaches through collaborations within, across, and between disciplines.
  • Experimenter: An openness to try, reflect, and learn from new approaches and technologies to support student learning
  • Scholar: An awareness and appreciation of effective, research-based, discipline appropriate pedagogical approaches.

When: October 31st - November 16th 2023

Duration: 9 sessions (2 hours per session)

Where: Virtual

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TESS 2023 Supporting the Digitally Empowered Learner November 2nd & 3rd

Facilitator(s): eCampusOntario

Keynote Speaker(s): Dr. Bonnie Stewart

Reconnect with your colleagues at Ontario's favourite technology and education conference.

Learning Outcomes:

The theme this year is Supporting the Digitally Empowered Learner, exploring how technology can open new doors to the knowledge and skills learners need to achieve the future they imagine.

  • Experiential Learning.
  • Transformative Technology.
  • The Lifelong Learner
  • The Digital Balance

When: Wednesday November 2nd & 3rd @ 10:00am

Duration: 6 hours

Where: Globe and Mail Centre Toronto

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Collaborate on real-world research to propel your students forward

Facilitator(s): eCampusOntario

The Ontario Collaborative Innovation Platform (OCIP) is looking for researchers like you who can partner with Ontario companies seeking to develop new technologies and processes. Your applied research capabilities and your institution's research facilities are in demand by Ontario companies that want to innovate and get new products to market more quickly and confidently.

Learning Outcomes:

Showcasing your research capabilities on OCIP will bring you and your learners new, real-world research initiatives while creating opportunities for funded research projects, co-op placements and work- integrated learning.

When: When an Ontario business submits an Innovation Challenge- think project outline- to the OCIP platform, an advanced algorithm matches it to academic researchers working in that area of investigation. Some of the factors considered include proximity to the company; available facilities; experts and equipment, and a history of research in the project's subject matter.

Duration: ongoing

Where: Virtual

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