Digital Health at Mohawk

Digital health combines digital technologies with health care to improve the efficiency and precision in the health care industry. Since 2007, Mohawk has been changing health care around the world with MEDIC - mHealth and eHealth Development and Innovation Centre.

We have now rolled out our first stand-alone degree along with a postgraduate certificate in Digital Health.

“The digital health field is rapidly growing and it’s a well-established area of excellence at Mohawk College. It makes sense to develop a degree to provide synergies in research, faculty teaching and student learning that really builds on our strengths.” 
– Joe Varrasso, Program Coordinator of Bachelor of Digital Health (Honours) Degree

Future career options in digital health

  • Application Developer  
  • Business Processes Analyst
  • Clinical Systems Analyst
  • Data Integrity Analyst
  • Database Architect
  • Health Informatics Specialist
  • Health IT Consultant
  • Health Records Technician
  • Health Systems Specialist 
  • Information Privacy Coordinator
  • Information Systems Analyst

I was given the opportunity to do a co-op placement at MEDIC during my time in the Computer Systems Technician – Network Engineering and Security Analyst program at Mohawk College. After graduation, I was hired full-time and remain employed at MEDIC as a Network Engineering System Analyst. MEDIC provides training for students in areas of digital health and applied research through web development and device integration. Getting the opportunity to work on projects that mesh my former skillset in health care and new in technology has been a perfect marriage for me.

Thanks to the help and support of MEDIC I was able to create two applied research projects focusing on Internet of Things (IoTs) and how they can improve the quality of life in senior citizens as well as focusing on the security for the devices. I believe that MEDIC is opening doors for students to start their careers in digital health and so grateful that I get to be part of that going forward.

- Dawn Myers '19, Network Engineering System Analyst, MEDIC

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MEDIC is changing health care around the world to the benefit of patients and practitioners.

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New Bachelor of Digital Health (Honours) degree established to train students in design and development of IT health care solutions.

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To A Degree and Beyond – feature article

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“The postgraduate certificate program will welcome students with a prior credential in a wide variety of fields such as health, business and technology. It will allow them to apply their current skills and deepen their knowledge of the rapidly growing field of digital health. The power and reach of digital health research centre MEDIC are foundational to the new degree and offer a new way to think about partnerships with industry.”
– Jeff McIsaac, Dean of Applied Research


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Both the Bachelor of Digital Health (Honours) Degree and the Digital Health Graduate Certificate are focused on digital health and provide the opportunity to learn from, and collaborate on, projects with our mHealth & eHealth Development and Innovation Centre (MEDIC) group.

The four-year degree program includes a four-month work placement and provides in-depth knowledge, skills and qualifications to deliver IT services in various health care settings. The graduate certificate program is designed for students with a prior credential in the fields of health, business or technology.


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