Dark Cloud: the high cost of cyberbullying - Wednesday Film Recommendation

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Nov 29

Social Inc is hosting a Wednesday Film Recommendation.

All Mohawk College students can access this film for free through YouTube.

This week:

"Dark Cloud: the high cost of cyberbullying"

"Dark Cloud examines a growing epidemic seriously affecting young people’s mental, emotional, and even physical well-being: the toll of cyberbullying and digital antagonism – through the eyes of Carol Todd. In 2012, Carol’s daughter Amanda Todd tragically took her life in a story that went viral worldwide. Now Carol crusades against cyberbullying as she connects with a network of activists and calls on some of the country’s leading experts on cyberbullying for insights about its causes and strategies for its prevention."

Sensitive Content Warning: This film has content that may be sensitive and triggering. Viewer discretion advised.

Watch "Dark Cloud: the high cost of cyberbullying" here.


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