Hanging Out With ADHD

Profile of person with spring in their head in front of green background.
Apr 09

This wellness program is for students looking to share and support each other while navigating college with ADHD. Get to know more about ADHD, chat about learning strategies, and practice a little mindfulness along the way. Sample topics include: procrastination, handling distractions, and self-advocacy. 

Students who relate to ADHD symptoms are welcome - diagnosis is not required.

Register online or contact: hwc [at] mohawkcollege.ca (hwc[at]mohawkcollege[dot]ca)


Details on how to register online:

  • Select "Patient" from the main menu
  • Have you accessed services at the HWC before? Select "Yes" and login or select "No". 
  • Click "Counselling - Personal/Mental Health Counselling"
  • Select "Group Visit"
  • Select "Hanging Out With ADHD" with the desired time from the menu. Enter required information if a new user to complete registration.

Event Details

Health & Wellness Centre - C109
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