Thriving in Action - Habit Formation (Do's and Don'ts)

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Jan 23

In this 9-week program explore positive psychology hacks and learning strategies to help you become more resilient in school and in life. Thriving in Action takes a holisitic approach to your success as a student. From sleep, gratitude, time-management, and study skills - we cover it all! Choose your own adventure. Attend one, some, or all 9 sessions.

Week 1: Habit Formation (Do's and Don'ts)
This workshop will discuss themes of intentionality and meaningful actions to help students gain a better understanding of habits and learn strategies to change them. Learn the key steps to creating a new habit and how to avoid the pitfalls of giving up too soon. Ten techniques for bringing more awareness and efficiency to learning and studying are also highlighted. 

Register online or contact: hwc [at] (hwc[at]mohawkcollege[dot]ca)


Details on how to register online:

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  • Click "Counselling - Personal/Mental Health Counselling"
  • Select "Group Visit"
  • Select "Thriving in Action" with the desired time from the menu. Enter required information if a new user to complete registration.

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The Health & Wellness Centre - C109
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