Concurrent Disorders Field Placement

The field placement is a vital component of our Concurrent Disorders Program at Mohawk College. Mohawk College Concurrent Disorders students are required to complete one field placement in the second 7 weeks of their second semester, following the successful completion of coursework.

Fieldwork in a social service organization provides an opportunity for students to integrate theory with practice. Through experiential teaching and learning, the student develops the ability to apply knowledge to practice situations, to develop competence in practice skills, to consistently model best practices, to enhance their personal and professional strengths and capacities, and to work effectively within the community/service system.

Current Field Placement Offerings

Dates Hours
March 2nd to April 17th, 2015 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday


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Anita O'Keeffe

Field Placement Specialist
Anita O'Keeffe
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Kelly McCormick

Field Placement Coordinator
Kelly McCormick
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